The Viewfinder, original artwork by Gilpatrick

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I hope you enjoy looking at examples of my art. Painting has given me much joy and satisfaction. Perhaps you will see that in these images.  I painted what delighted me, or captured my imagination, or cried out to be shown. I was saying, "See what I see! Isn't it full of wonder?"

My paintings are signed and dated on the back; drawings on the front. I send a letter of provenance, which increases the value of the work. The artwork is copyrighted by Eleanor Gilpatrick. Copyright is nontransferable through the purchase of artwork.

On this site you will find:

Gallery  1:   Places I Love In America


Gallery  2:   People


Gallery  3:   Abstracts and Nebulas


Gallery  4:   Issues of Our Time


Gallery  5:   Inspired by Italy


Gallery 6:    Inspired by Norway & Spain


Gallery  7:   Inspired by Bulgaria


Gallery  8:   Aquarium


Gallery  9:   Still Lifes


Gallery 10:   My Favorites


Gallery 11:   Paired Paintings


A Short Biography


A Statement of How I View My Work


& More: A Page of Links and Other Information


In each gallery you will find images and descriptions of my artwork, prices, and internet links where you can go to purchase.  Just click on the links that show the works that interest you.                              

Places where you can view original artwork by Eleanor Gilpatrick

I am no longer showing my work in brick and mortar galleries.  To see my work live, please make an appointment by writing to me at

SEE:   a video, about my paintings.