Wendy's Mother
Acrylic on canvas
20 inches height
16 inches width
Artist notes.

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Artist Notes: Wendy's Mother was done as a labor of love. It is in honor of Kiyoko Murakami, a skilled artist in her own right. We painted together at Hunter College. She had started to do a portrait of Wendy's mother, but after several attempts, never completed it, and I found the unfinished piece among the things Kiyoko left behind when she died. I still miss her.

Wendy was very special to Kiyoko, and when Wendy asked me to complete the portrait, I said yes, but in the end I needed to start a new piece from scratch, and this is the result. In the process of doing the painting I was privileged to feel the sweet soul of Wendy's mother coming through the photograph I was working from. The painting is in Wendy's private collection.