Green Tehran
Acrylic on canvas
18 inches height
24 inches width
Artist notes.

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Artist Notes: Green Tehran is a montage tribute to the protests against an Iranian election and the regime. Starting on June 13, 2009, people poured out in their hundreds of thousands, defying official bans and suffering killings and brutality. The demonstrators adopted green as their unifying color. There were street protests through June, and as late as December 7, 2009. This movement and its images were recorded, not only through press reports, but through all the social media, and the use of proxies when those were banned.

Here, images of three young women protesters are superimposed on an image of one of the demonstrations with a giant green banner. I was able to find references to two photo-journalists for two of the 4 images I used as a basis for the painting: Oliver Laban-Mattei and Behrouz Mehrimages. The painting is acrylic on stretched canvas on heavy duty stretchers, with painted sides. A frame is not necessary.

This original protest painting is available online for $1,300 at