Blue Winter
Acrylic on canvas
30 inches height
10 inches width
Artist notes.

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Artist Notes: Blue Winter is based on a portion of a photograph taken by Ahmad Javaid Zeerak (aka Hamesha). He called his photo "On The Road (Kabul, Winter 2008)." Javaid was an Afghan citizen, had studied International Political Economy and Political Philosophy in the United States; and served as a consultant for the Rural Enterpris Development Programme, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. He was one of the key persons to conceive of it, and was its Chief Executive Director. I discovered that, on July 9, 2010, Javaid and a colleague drowned in the Panjshir river. One source said that he jumped in to save his colleague's life. Javaid was known for his commitment to his people, his passion towards enterprise development, his eloquence, and his leadership style. He had a Flicker account called "From Afghanistan With Love" under the name Hamesha, and a blog; and that is where his photos are still on display. When I could not reach him to get permission to use his photo as a basis for this painting, I started a search, and learned this tragic news. My heart is broken at the loss.

The painting is a shape designed for hard to fill spaces. It is 30 inches high by 10 inches wide; and is acrylic on stretched canvas, with painted sides (gallery wrapped), so a frame is not necessary.

This original painting set in Afghanistan is available online for $1,300 at