The Milky Way and The Carina Nebula
2008 and 2009
Acrylic on canvas
Each, 16 inches height
20 inches width
Artist notes.

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Artist Notes: The Milky Way and The Carina Nebula are each based on a NASA space photo. Who could imagine a red "milky way"? The abstract nature of the forms and subject matter excited the realist painter in me. The Carina Nebula, in the Carina constellation, is also known as the Great Nebula in Carina, the Eta Carinae Nebula, or NGC 3372. It surrounds several open clusters of stars including two of the most massive and luminous stars in our Milky Way galaxy. I was attracted to the colors and shapes, painting only a portion of it; and as I painted it I felt the wild energy it generates. Each painting is 16 inches high by 20 inches wide, acrylic on stretched canvas, on heavy duty stretchers, with painted sides; a frame is not necessary.

Priced separately, each work of art is $1,000. As a pair the paintings are $1,900 online at