The Viewfinder, original artwork by Gilpatrick

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Home Page, Artist Biography, Artist Statement, and & More: Top right: The Viewfinder (1998), oil wash on paper, by the artist, 6 inches high by 9 inches wide; in the private collection of Genevieve Tetrault.


Home Page:
Lower right: photo of the artist: Leah Acevedo.



Lower right: Heroine IV (1999), oil on canvas, by the artist, 36 inches high by 26 inches wide.


Artist Statement:
Mid-right: My View, April 2001 (2001), acrylic on canvas, by the artist, 34 inches high by 38 inches wide.


Lower right: Baby Me (2001), acrylic on canvas, by the artist, 34 inches high by 34 inches wide.


& More:
Lower right: Heroine V (2000), charcoal on paper, by the artist, 24 inches high by 18 inches wide.






I have created four permanent Calendar Books and two books of artwork I have sold. The four personal, permanent calendar-books serve as reference for important personal dates, which can be transferred to annual calendars or planners. They are 40-page paperbacks, illustrated with groups of my paintings. Every month has a page with the picture of one of my paintings and its description, and two pages listing the dates of the month, with room to fill in the information for any particular date. (And people will be amazed at how you always remember their birthdays.)

The first Book of Important Dates is illustrated with my anti-war paintings. The Second Book of Important Dates is illustrated with my landscapes. The Third Book of Important Dates is illustrated with my paintings of people. The Fourth Book of Important Dates is illustrated with my abstract, still life, and nebula paintings.

Each calendar book is 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall, printed as a Perfect Bound, trade paperback. The covers are 10 pt paper, in full color, on cover stock, finished with a protective laminate coating. The books' paper is 24# smooth white finish. These calendar books offer images of my artwork in an inexpensive form. And they make great gifts.

Paintings & Drawings By Eleanor Gilpatrick In Private Collections (first edition) has the same production specifications, except that it is 63 pages and is 8.5 x 8.5 inches. It presents images of my artworks that people have purchased or received as gifts through Sept. 2009. The date a piece was created and its description accompanies each image.

Paintings & Drawings By Eleanor Gilpatrick In Private Collections, Second Edition, presents artwork from my very first sale through January, 2012, in order by the date of the sale or gift. It is 82 pages, 8.5 by 8.5 inches, and lists the date each piece was created and its description.

You can see and order any of the books online from me at



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Grants for Nonprofit Organizations; A Guide to Funding and Grantwriting. NYC: Praeger, 1989.

Quality Improvement Projects in Health Care; Problem Solving in the Workplace. Sage, 1998.

To purchase books online, please visit:


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ACEO is an acronym for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They are also called Artist Trading Cards. ACEO's must be 2.5 x 3.5 inches or 3.5 x 2.5 inches. I have placed 16 of my ACEOs in four wooden frames, with four ACEOs in each.  The frames are 12 by 14 inches or 14 by 12 inches.  Each framed set is $250 at As with all my art, each ACEO is one of a kind, no prints. Each back lists the title, medium, year, and my signature. I send a letter of provenance, which increases the value of the work. All my artwork is copyrighted by Eleanor Gilpatrick. Copyright is nontransferable through the purchase of artwork.